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Michał „Khorne” Rzechonek

This is my personal homepage.

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„Il semble que la perfection soit atteinte non quand il n'y a plus rien à ajouter, mais quand il n'y a plus rien à retrancher.”

Perfection is attained not when no more can be added, but when there is nothing to be taken away.

Antoine de Saint Exupéry, „Terre des Hommes”

About me

I'm a software developer and computer science enthusiast. Born in 1983 in Kraków, Poland, I attended Nowodworek where I developed a strong interest in Linux and Open Source. In 2001 I won Motorola Diversity award during the first edition of the contest.

In 2002 I started a degree at AGH University of Science and Technology, but I quit in 2005 to begin my professional career, decision I do not regret.

I currently live in Kraków, Poland (moving back from Wrocław).

I am a member of ACCU.


I've been programming in various languages since childhood, ranging from Pascal to Haskell, but I still dislike Java ;-). Right now I have 10+ years of experience in C/C++ development and 8+ years in system-level programming in *nix environment.

In the past I've done some web development, implemented a few database applications (both web and GUI based) and administrated a couple of servers (including the one hosting this site) and LANs. I have also programmed embedded systems using either Linux or Ethernut. I find my experience a bit eclectic, which allows me to bring various paradigms into my work.

Currently I'm interested in domain specific languages, especially in DSLs embedded in other languages, like Spirit and SOCI. I think C++ is powerful enough to enable programmers to develop such languages, while at the same time being sufficiently general to use them in production environment.

I am using Gentoo as my Linux distribution of choice, GNOME as a desktop environment and Vim as an IDE.

Besides programming, I enjoy reading books, riding my bike, jogging and practising martial arts.